Important Virus Warning

Several computer viruses were detected on campus Monday, September 9, 2008. The viruses all came via e-mail messages with attachments. The viruses are spreading very fast via the campus network.

If you opened an e-mail message in the last few days with an attachment that you were not expecting, you may have been infected. The e-mail messages may have appeared to have come from "Hallmark," "Paypal," "Facebook," "Security," or "Monitoring," though this may not necessarily be the case.

If you believe your computer is infected, or if you recall opening an attachment that you did not expect, turn your computer off immediately and do not turn it back on. Leaving an infected computer on will help to propogate the virus. Call the Help Desk at 298-2092 to report the problem.

We recommend that you do not open any e-mail attachments until a technician has visited you and scanned your computer, even if it is from someone you recognize.

Western Illinois University
Electronic Student Services
September 9, 2008