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Division of Student Services

Software Purchase and Auditing Guidelines

Division technical support personnel and Internal Auditing will review all major software purchases in the Division prior to purchase. Exceptions must be requested in writing and reported to technical staff and Internal Auditing. Major software purchases are packages that will reside on a network file server or systems that will contain sensitive information. Sensitive information is student or employee information that contains, but is not limited to, SSN, Name, Address, Phone number or Enrollment Status.

The Director of Electronic Student Services must sign off on all hardware and software purchases. All systems in development or implemented will be added to the Division system's tracking database (SysTrac). All major software systems will be reviewed and signed off on by the Internal Auditor prior to implementation.

Software Licensing

Individual offices are required to maintain license integrity for their area. This is to include all software that is not covered by University licenses and was purchased by the area. Each area will be required to provide proof of ownership when requested. Any violations found by Division Support personnel will be removed from the computer and reported to the Vice President for Student Services.

Electronic Student Services

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