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Processing Guidlines
The following guidelines will be followed on all Web jobs. All jobs will be hidden from view until the Vice President or his/her designee releases the job.

1. Once an item is received from an office

  • Enter the request in the Web Tracking system.
  • Copy live site to the test area.
  • Make a link from the test page to the test site.

2. Once the job is assigned, the Web database will be updated with

  • Start Date
  • Assignment information

3. The test site will be updated with the new QC number.

  • The page will have the QC ID number entered on the lower right corner of the page.
  • If the job is holding while waiting for materials, the holding flag will be marked and a reason added.

4. Once the job is ready for editing, the site will be tested for functionality.

  • Pages are tested for ADA compliance

6. Once the testing is completed, the job will be printed for editing.

  • Have another individual edit page other than the original programmer.
  • Make any necessary changes.

7. Make any changes necessary after editing - repeat step 6 until editing is complete.

8. After an Ok to release is signed

  • Update the Web Tracking System.
    • Hours to complete
    • Files affected
  • Update notes section.
  • Notify requesting office of completion

9. Move the site live.

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