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Installing Network Printers in Windows XP

Follow these steps to install a networked printer on your computer.
Installing printers
Installing a printer
Adding a printer

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  1. Go to Start - My Computer


  2. You should now see My Computer open like the picture below.


  3. In the Address bar, type one of the following:

    As of 4/22/2013 there are five print servers.

    If you have a Canon or Dell printer, please type in this:


    If you can't find it there, please type in this:


    If you have a Hewlett-Packard printer, please type in this:


    If you still can't find your printer, there are two servers left.


    This has a mix of HP and Canon printers.

    The last server has no Electronic Student Services supported areas on it.



  4. You should now see a bunch of printer icons like the picture below.


  5. Click the View option from the Navigation tool bar at the top of your screen. Now select the Details option. This allows you to see the list of printers a little bit easier.


  6. Now you can see the printers a bit easier like in the picture below.


  7. Find the printer you want to install. The format for the printer name is building/room/printer model/office name. In the picture below you will see the Electronic Student Services printer that we use in Seal Hall.


  8. Double click the printer you want to install and it will automatically install. When it is done, you will see a window pop up like the one in the picture below.


  9. If you want to install several printers at the same time, follow the instructions below. Otherwise, you can close the windows that you opened during the installation of the printer.

    Hold down the Control (CTRL) key on your keyboard and then click on the printers you want to install. Once you have highlighted all the printers you want to install, right click on one of the printers and select the open option. This will install all the printer at once just like the step above. When they are all done installing, close all the windows and you have completely install your printers.


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