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How to save a file on the network

How do I save a document to P or S?
Why do I always save to the hard drive?
How can I tell where I'm saving a document to?

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  1. I'm assuming that you already have a document open and ready to be saved. For example purposes, I have Word open but, this will work with any windows based program.


  2. Click FILE
    Click SAVE AS

    *** You may need to click the double down arrow at the bottom of the window to be able to see the SAVE AS option.


  3. Click on the box next to the SAVE IN option


  4. You won't see as many options as I have but, you will see:
    A - floppy drive
    C - hard drive
    P - personal network storage
    S - office network storage

    In this example, I'm selecting P because the document is not shared with others.


  5. Once you have selcted the location and named the document, you can just click the SAVE button and the document will be saved.

    *** You may need to double click certain folders to put the document in a particular location. For my example, I could have double click the TRAININGDOCUMENTS folder and then clicked the save button to put it in that location.

  6. Once you have completed step 1-5, you can now use the save option and the computer knows where to place your document.

    To use the save option, follow ONE of the following examples:

    Click the "disk" icon near the top of the screen
    Click File and then the Save option
    Press the CTRL key and then and S key


  7. We recommend that you follow these instructions before even starting the document. If you tell the computer where to save and what the name of the document is, you can then save your document often. It is best to save your document every time you stop for any reason; the more often you save, the better the chance of getting more data back in the case of something bad happening.

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