Act of Kindness Award Nomination Form

The Act of Kindness Award honors otherwise unrecognized acts that benefit the Division of Student Services.

The recipient can be from any area of the community or university given that their act of service provided benefit to Student Services. Nominations are accepted from university faculty, staff, or students and community members (self nominations are not acceptable). Individuals may be nominated more than once and there is no limit to the number of times they may receive an AOK Award. There is, however, a six-month period of ineligibility after receiving the award before being considered for additional AOK Awards.

The deadline for nominations is the 15th of each month. The Student Services Awards Committee will decide if nominations meet criteria. Award recipients will receive an AOK pen and will be recognized at the Student Services Annual Recognition Reception.

Nominee Information :

Nominator Information :

Criteria :

  1. Employee went beyond the call of duty to help another, in addition to meeting the requirements of their job description.
  2. Employee has not received the Student Services Act of Kindness Award within the last six months.

Description :

Describe specifically why the nominee should receive this award: