Duplicate Diploma Request

Students completing graduation requirements will be issued a diploma approximately six weeks after graduation. In order to receive a duplicate diploma you must submit the following request. A credit card payment of $27 is required for a duplicate diploma. Credit card information will be asked on the next screen.

Please note that duplicate diplomas will not be available to students who have encumbrances with the University. All outstanding monetary obligations to the University must be cleared before the diploma will be issued.

Diplomas will only be issued to the student who earned the degree.

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Your WIU ID is not your Social Security Number.

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If we have questions, you will be contacted at the phone number and/or e-mail address below.

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Diploma Information

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By typing your full name in the box below you are certifying that you are in fact the individual to whom the diploma was conferred (or legal representative with appropriate authority on behalf of said individual) and understand that, if you are not in fact the individual, or appropriate legal representative, you may be subject to prosecution under Illinois law.


DO NOT provide your Social Security number or any other sensitive information in the comments section.

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